shot on the silica-caked shores of the Blue Lagoon, the bubbling mud pots of Seltún, and the volcanic hot springs of Geysir, Iceland.

organisation, photography and effects by Blunt x Skensved

with words from:
Kari Altmann, Iain Ball, Enrico Boccioletti, Holly Childs,
Claire L. Evans, Stefanie Hessler, Joey Holder, Yuri Pattison,
Nadim Samman, Manuel Scheiwiller, Viktor Timofeev, Elvia Wilk



XOA XLE – Kari Altmann

HOAX – Iain Ball

MILENIO – Enrico Boccioletti

ILLX – Holly Childs

UNMANNED – Claire L. Evans

SEMIVIVUM – Stefanie Hessler

MUTAGEN – Joey Holder

VALDOXAN – Yuri Pattison

CONCRETE – Nadim Samman

CRUSTCORE – Manuel Scheiwiller

HAVAXIK – Viktor Timofeev

SILUETA – Elvia Wilk

© Blunt x Skensved, 2017.

for more information: info@bluntxskensved.com